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What are the characteristics of pore size measurement

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Aperture measuring characteristics what. For the measurement of the diameter of the hole, a direct measurement, indirect measurement and comprehensive measurement method for measuring. Aperture measurement is one of the main contents of the length measurement technology.
Direct measurement using two or three point location, the method of direct measurement of pore size, pore size measurement method is the most commonly used
According to the precision of measured pore size and number, size, can be used to measure the aperture length measuring tool, such as caliper (see caliper), tool microscope, universal comparator, horizontal length measuring instrument (see length measuring machine), horizontal optical meter (see comparator) and gauge etc.; also the aperture measurement of special tools, such as micrometer, dial indicator, the diameter of inner diameter micrometer, and the pneumatic electronic plug gauge
Optical, electrical principle of the aperture measurement etc.. The use of leverage test hole: this method commonly used in portable aperture measurement tools, such as diameters, mechanical or electrical type inside micrometer etc.. The measured pore size and master ring aperture difference to read from the dial gauge, mechanical or electrical micrometer through a lever mechanism. This kind of measuring tools measuring range is generally 10 ~ 800 mm diameter micrometer, the measurement accuracy can reach 3 ~ 5 micron.

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