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The ultimate grinding machines FESTO circular eccentric vibration mill is perfect

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The tool is a system supplier of automotive products. As a leading tool manufacturer, we constantly strive to help repair station and automobile manufacturing industry users to get perfect results on the road surface treatment. Our products are: electric / pneumatic grinder, matching accessories and supplies, moving type dust collecting system and the management of workshop equipment.
Product features:
- 3 mm stroke bring high-quality surface grinding effect
To extend the service life of the bearing - Double
- weight of only 1.8 kg, is not easy to fatigue
Grinding pad, brake safe error free grinding work, avoid rework cost
- step speed preselection, still maintain a constant speed under low load
The main application:
Paint, wood and plastic ultimate grinding
Pre grinding, polishing
- the final grinding mineral materials
- high light surface grinding polishing
Sand the wood surface - before waxing
- end mill.
Shop direct: Beijing Hui Rong for economic and trade limited company
Beijing Huirong for economic and trade limited company in February 19, 2001 in Beijing City, Tongzhou District industrial zone was established at the beginning of the household, mainly engaged in sales of the company was founded: auto parts, paint, coating, daily general merchandise, knitwear and textile, hardware and electrical equipment, instrument and meter, electronic products, mechanical and electrical equipment, computer hardware and peripherals; science and technology product development consulting services; economic information consulting services, the number of employees to 8 people registered, the registered capital of 1000000 yuan. Beijing Huirong for economic and trade limited company has successfully transformed into an auto after sale market Professional Company, is DuPont spise automotive paint Beijing agent, is the German FESTO clean dry grinding equipment of Beijing exclusive authorized service center, is the German FESTO dry grinding equipment in Beijing dealers, the company has a complete after sale service system customer service, is willing to provide the best quality service to our clients. Beijing Huirong for economic and trade limited company 2008 was awarded the "national gold dealers DuPont" and "the national exclusive model dealer" title.

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