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Crushing and grinding machinery difference

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According to the structural characteristics of broken machinery, mechanical crushing method (principle) to the division, can be divided into six classes.
(1) the jaw crusher (jawcrusher). Fragmentation is a movable jaw plate by periodic pressure to the fixed jaw plate, clip in crushing the ore block.
(2) the cone crusher. Ore block in two between inside and outside the cone, outer cone, cone eccentric swing, will be caught in the ore crushing them or break.
(3) roll crusher (rollcrusher). Ore block in the two opposite rotating round roller gap, mainly by the crushing effect of continuous, but also with the grinding effects, toothed roller surface and the breaking effect.
(4) the impact crusher. Ore block is under the action of impact of rapid rotation of the moving parts and crushed. This class belongs to can be divided into: hammer crusher; cage crusher crusher.
(5) mill (mineralgrindingmachine). Ore by grinding medium in the rotating cylinder (steel balls, steel bars, gravel or block) impact and abrasive and shattered.
(6) the broken of other types of mill
1 roll mill); 2) disc refiner; 3) centrifugal mill; 4) of vibration grinding mill.

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