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In the mill production line vibration mill start to pay attention to what

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The normal work of the vibration mill is not only need to follow the steps of correct operation, also need to extend the equipment maintenance in order to better carry out regular life. The user to the inspection of the equipment before use, to avoid equipment failure caused by equipment components, fast abrasion.
Before the start of the vibration mill: check the power supply voltage is normal; the vibrating body of vibrating body rotation is flexible; there is no debris collision; all the bolts are tight; equipment is normal state. By starting from the end of the production line equipment, first start the vibrating screen, and then start the vibration mill, a process equipment finally start. In contrast to boot shutdown procedures. Start vibration grinding machine is normal after observation, such as electricity for 10 seconds after the bell, the motor can not operate normally or vibration is not normal, should press the stop button, find out the reason. The normal work of the vibration mill, the operator should pay attention to observe the equipment running status, such as abnormal noise and other abnormal phenomenon should immediately stop check, and then start to troubleshoot. Bearing temperature shall not exceed 65 degrees, such as the high temperature of cooling water flow rate should be increased, or the use of cooling measures.
Vibration mill maintenance and maintenance procedures:
Such as found in 1 Yield in milling process, grain size and yield decreased, indicating the medium wear serious, should be immediately shut down, the replacement of dielectric rod mill, to ensure the uniform size. Vibration mill is used as wear-resistant steel rod grinding medium (phi 8-- Phi 40) can also be used in ball (phi 10-- Phi 65) to adjust the output size, which can be achieved by adjusting the ratio of grinding media and specifications. Dielectric rod to replace the need to open the flat grinding cylinder.
2 bushing repair or replacement. Vibration grinding mill barrel are generally equipped with a liner, which is used to prevent the media bar and the grinding barrel directly between the grinding barrel wear caused by friction. Vibration mill in the use of a certain period of time, the need to open the grinding barrel cover, check the degree of wear bushing, regular replacement, to avoid the media bar mill cylinder wear.
Maintenance of the 3 vibration exciter. Each class should check the bearing box oil level, such as the oil level is not enough, should be timely filling, every 1000h should completely change the oil change before the application of kerosene to clean up the bearing time, lubricating oil and change rules. As the exciter mill high speed operation in the process of bearing vibration, so easily lead to a large quantity of heat, so in the process of using the cooling treatment, usually in addition to cooling circulating water cooling method is adopted, in use process, if the temperature is too high should increase the flow of water.
4 often check the fastening fastener. Support spring and cylinder bushing, dielectric rod for wearing parts, such as the discovery of spring fracture should be replaced immediately, otherwise it will affect the service life of the vibration mill. Cylinder, bearing fittings supply, the user can advance and manufacturer.
5 regular cleaning of the vibration mill. Because of the vibration mill in the production line is not used alone, so easily stained with dust in the use process, so the need for regular cleaning of equipment in use process, to avoid the dust entering the bearing, bearing lubricating oil viscosity is too large, easy to damage the bearing.
6 on a regular basis, motor parts for inspection, and lubricating oil, to avoid the temperature of motor bearing is too high, causing damage to the motor.
7 before starting the motor and vibration grinding carefully check the soft connection between the eccentric shaft is connected.
8 check the vibration mill and ground connection bolts are tightened.
Check the items before starting the vibration mill before use must be carried out daily work, can find out whether there is a need to maintain the equipment components in advance, but also can effectively prolong the service life of the equipment.

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