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In the ultrafine grinding of what issues need attention

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Superfine crushing equipment is the main equipment, the production of ultrafine powder at present, the main types of ultrafine grinding equipment with jet mill, high speed impact, grinding, stirring ball mill grinding stripping machine, sand mill, vibration ball mill, ball mill, rotary drum tower mill, cyclone and cyclone flow since the mill, high pressure roll (roll) mill, high pressure water jet mill, colloid mill. No matter what kind of equipment, in the superfine grinding process are to be considered: the basic characteristics of material strength, hardness and grindability.
The strength of the ultra-fine grinding equipment
Intensity refers to the resistance of material damage, generally with the failure stress, failure of the material force per unit area. With the failure of the force method is different, can be divided into compression, shear, bending and tensile strength etc..
The same kind of material, the load in different environment, the measured intensity is different, such as size, loading rate and the medium environment. Size is small and small internal defects, so the high strength, high strength load faster than the slow loading speed, strength the same material measured in air and in water are not the same. Such as the tensile strength of silica in water than in the air is reduced by 12%.
Intensity is the combination of material can reflect the internal bonding, grinding process is actually through the external force to the material with enough energy to exceed its binding energy, material to deform, damage and crushing.
The hardness of the ultrafine grinding equipment
Hardness is the resistance to deformation resistance of materials. Application of non metal material hardness Mohs said, is divided into 10 levels. For the same kind of material, there is a close relationship between the strength and size. No matter what kind of material, the more fine particles, intensity is high, this is because the particle size becomes finer, the macro and micro cracks in particles decreases, fewer defects, fracture stress becomes larger, so the grinding energy consumption. Ultrafine grinding is also one of the reasons for high energy consumption.
The grindability of superfine grinding equipment
Superfine crushing equipment grindability is said to crush materials properties of the degree of difficulty. Grinding grindability and grinding roller grinding test method of the difference. Ball milling method is mainly used in the mining industry and cement industry, roller mill is mainly used in coal industry. The main difference between them lies in the ground conditions, operating system and grindability methods.

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