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The working principle of the mechanical vibration mill

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Vibration mill is composed of a motor, the elastic coupling, vibration exciter, tube mill, grinding material and main parts (ball) spring etc..
Vibration grinding force provided by the motor through flexible coupling, the exciter gain kinetic energy of rotation, vibration centrifugal force through the spindle to the mill tube, and to obtain the kinetic energy. Tube mill took a bit for an elliptical trajectory. Mill tube through the wall will force movement to contact with the pipe wall grinding material, grinding to obtain kinetic energy. Because of the collision, the relative sliding of grinding medium, the material under the action of impact extrusion grinding grinding. Support spring mill work process play a damping effect of elastic support stiffness, it (vertical, horizontal) will directly affect the whole body vibration (amplitude, frequency). From the point of view of dynamics, vibration grinding medium and material to form a elastic body and discrete combination with nonlinear support, and has infinite degree of freedom vibration system.
Large multi-purpose ultrafine vibration grinding machine, grinding process from the structure, shape and the principle and the traditional mill is fundamentally different, it adopts the mechanical vibration theory, the less energy consumption can work, thereby reducing the superfine powder processing, material crushing required greater power. This technology can be said of the traditional grinding technology is a revolution, more suitable for super fine powder processing of high hardness, brittle materials ultra. At the same time, with low noise, low energy consumption, no pollution to environment etc..
Due to various historical factors, our country in the early 60 century began to research in this area, but due to the production of large vibration mill design also exist many problems, such as the supporting spring, the rigidity of the whole life of the grinding body and connection strength, bonding strength, wear-resistant materials, and the lack of supporting parts and the corresponding design standards the reason, the slow progress of the study. By the age of 80, only Wenzhou mining machinery factory production of small vibration mill. Later, after a Henan Eastern Xinxiang mining equipment factory, Yantai Zhuoyue mechanical transmission Co. Ltd., Luoyang Mining Research Institute, Wuhan University, Xi'an University Of Architecture And Technology and other units of the production of the vibration mill. However, the unit production of vibration mill common problems when processing capacity is small, large-scale industrial production process is not ideal, the grinding process of iron contamination of raw materials. Because of super fine powder processing, grading, decontamination, purification of surface modification are still many technical problems, making the superfine powder processing technology and equipment, the long lags behind that of developed countries.
Many products because of raw material and manufacturing process there is a certain gap with foreign body, causing the processing quality of superfine powder of decades of stagnant, cement, building materials, especially the field of ceramics, paint, paint and other difficult to enter the market, products of good quality manufacturing technology leading ranks. To promote the development of a new generation of energy-saving vibration grinding equipment, not only can fill the vacancy of superfine powder processing equipment industry, and to accelerate the transformation of old equipment and technology enterprises, and give full play to the new technology and equipment processing capacity, increase the market competitive power of products.
The industry researcher said, there is a loss of most of the natural gas company.
Although the authorities denied that natural gas prices, but recently a number of city residents raised the price of natural gas, so that gradually become a reality. The industry generally believe that the national development and Reform Commission, will be forced to accelerate the reform of natural gas pricing mechanism.
Treasure Island analyst Ma Ji said natural gas in an interview with the author, most Gas Co have losses, increase the cost of full coverage, now the majority of gas prices upside down. After the price adjustment can reduce the loss to a certain extent, some of the subsidies and the country, improve the enthusiasm of the Gas Co.
Www gas analyst Wang Xiaokun interview with this reporter, said, due to various regions are not the same, loss of data can not accurately calculate the gas, but the gas price upside down is widespread, especially imported gas losses. In the oil, for example, by 2012, imports of Central Asian gas and the effect of LNG loss increases, the natural gas sector operating loss of 2110000000 yuan, 17640000000 yuan lower than the 2011 operating profit, of which sales of imported natural gas and LNG losses amounted to 41900000000 yuan.
In recent years, natural gas as a clean energy, consumer demand increased year by year. According to treasure island statistics show, the first two months of this year, Chinese apparent consumption of natural gas 29700000000 cubic meters, compared with growth of 14.7% over the same period last year. The China February apparent consumption of natural gas 13500000000 cubic meters, growth of 5.4%. In the first two months of the national production of natural gas 20220000000 cubic meters, an increase of 8.3%.
Industry experts said, the current low price of natural gas, causing manufacturers and Gas Co operating losses, the positive effects.
Ma Ji said, natural gas costs and selling prices around the situation is different. The cost of North China, northwest and southwest, more gas, the cost is relatively low, Southern China, East and other places mainly rely on the north and west east gas pipeline, gas and the inlet, the cost is relatively high. Relative, sales price in different regions have different. Most Gas Co have a loss, or a loss of about $1 per cubic meter.
According to China's energy consumption in the "12th Five Year" plan, by 2015, China's natural gas consumption will reach about 260000000000 cubic meters. With the continuing growth of downstream demand, natural gas price reform be imperative.
Ma Ji think, at present a lot of places using the cost plus pricing method, does not reflect the market supply and demand of natural gas resource scarcity. Guangdong, Guangxi area price reform pilot

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