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The gabion mesh machine, is the professional equipment that produces hexagonal wire netting, its product extensively used for petroleum, building, farming and chemical engineering industry, keep warm piping and other piping, be also used for rounding column, residence and park greening safeguard etc.. 
Gabion mesh is still more available to manufacture the gabion mesh box and extensively used for safeguard and backing sea dike, hillside, road, bridge and reservoir and others, it is the best material of the flood control at the same time.
A set of gabion machine including four parts: Mesh weaving machine, Spring coiling machine, Wire tension roller, Netting winding machine.
Main Specification
Style/Width mesh size/Max wire diameter Twist Theoretic output(m/h) Power
YXNW-3/4.3 60*80/2.8 3 165 22
YXNW-3/4.3 70*90/2.8 3 165 22
YXNW-3/4.3 80*100/3.0 3 195 22
YXNW-3/4.3 88*110/3.0 3 195 22
YXNW-3/4.3 90*110/3.2 3 195 22
YXNW-3/4.3 100*120/3.2 3 225 22
YXNW-3/4.3 110*137/3.4 3 225 22
YXNW-3/4.3 120*150/3.4 3 255 22
YXNW-3ZX 80*100以上/4.0 5 195 22


Wire tension roller


Spring coiling machine


Netting winding machine

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