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We present a comprehensive gamut of PVC Wire Coated Machine that is used to provide anti-corrosive coat to a wire. Widely used for building and electrical wire coating, the PVC Wire Coating Machines offered by us are highly in demand in the market. These wires are suitable for coating Galvanized Iron or MS Wire, which is further used for manufacturing Chainlink Fence or Barbed wire. Moreover, these machines can be availed at the most affordable prices.
1.The coating machine is mainly used for various requirements of the wire's plastic bag. Coated thickness can be controlled at .004mm, and the speed is quick, good formability, output is stable.
2. Power of direct-current motor: 4kW
3. Exterior size of main machine: 2500x60x1600mm
4. Weight: about 1300kg
5. Exterior size of wire drawing frame: 3800x900x1200mm
6. Weight: about 1200kg
7. Exterior size of wire winding machine: 2000x1400x1100mm
8. Weight: about 600kg
9. Exterior size of payoff reel: 1900x450x1000mm 
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